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Powerspike is the one-stop solution for your Twitch influencer marketing needs.

Turnkey Solution

Influencer Marketing, Not Busy Work

Want to find brands or influencers without all the extra legwork? Powerspike allows you to create campaigns, connect with Twitch influencers and teams at scale, without all the extra work – making it simple to get results fast.

Network of Influencers

Twitch Marketing Made Simple

Powerspike works with more than 30,000 Twitch influencers & has partnered with top gaming live streamers. We help you find Twitch influencers fit with your brand’s target audience, campaign goals, budget, and more!

Track & Optimize

Focus on What Matters

Brands trust Powerspike to find Twitch influencers & deliver winning results with customizable marketing campaigns. Create a campaign, track results, analyze which influencers drive engagement, and optimize your campaign to produce the best results through our easy to use platform.

Trusted by hundreds of brands...

Honored in Forbes 30 Under 30

Your Powerspike Campaign in 3 easy steps

Influencer Discovery

We take the busywork out of your hands and find the best fit Twitch influencers for your brand’s values and goals.

Campaign Management

White-glove, concierge level service from a personal campaign manager dedicated to making your campaign a success.


We gather meaningful analysis and offer you personal insights and recommendations on how to optimize campaigns.

See why brands trust Powerspike

Powerspike is the single best advertising dollar I spent. Period.”

Next Generation Influencer Marketing

Powerspike is not just another marketing platform – it’s a full service solution for your campaigns. Boost brand awareness, drive sales, create authentic content with Twitch influencers and real viewers – all in one easy to manage place.

Connect with Powerspike to:

✓ Publish creative and impactful campaigns on the marketplace

✓ Find and vet Twitch influencers perfect for your brand from a database of 30,000+ creators

✓ Measure your campaign’s success with our analytics tools

Try Powerspike and level up your campaigns!

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