Alliance for Climate Education

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ACE came to Powerspike with a goal of utilizing influencer marketing to drive awareness towards a variety of important climate and social economic issues. The objective was to educate a younger audience to the importance of these issues and have them sign petitions to make a change.


  • Powerspike rallied a diverse and passionate group of streamers, who using their social and Twitch platforms, drove petition sign ups across a wide variety of causes that ACE believes is important. Powerspike focused on connecting talent who held the individual missions of ACE close to their heart to ensure that the content created was authentic and genuine.


  • By onboarding and briefing 12 unique streamers, Powerspike was able to put these important global issues in front of the eyes of over 1.5 million young people, educate 85,000 people with live video content, and ultimately saw an increase in petition sign ups by an average of 233% by the end of the campaign.


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