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influencer program
PowerSpike is the easiest way for brands to connect with Twitch Influencers.
Start connecting with influencers today
Independent Developers
Powerful enough for professional marketers but intuitive enough for anyone to use. Find and collaborate with thousands of Twitch influencers playing games like yours at a price that doesn't break your bank.
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Gaming Startups
Drive brand awareness and reach thousands of gamers with Twitch influencer marketing campaigns that scale in tandem with your startup.
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Every tool you need to find, hire, and manage streamers with interests tailored to your product/services.
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Gain access to a network of streamers ready to spread your message across the gaming community when your new games launch.
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Everything you need to build your brand in the gaming community, from finding and hiring influencers, managing scaled campaigns, monitoring brand mentions across Twitch, measuring in-depth campaign results, and much more.
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Looking for a fully managed custom solution?
Tell us your goals and we'll make them happen. Fully-managed campaigns from top to bottom to ensure your success.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I try PowerSpike for free?
You can try any PowerSpike product free for 45 days. You can buy, upgrade or cancel at any time.
What types of sponsorship campaigns does PowerSpike support?
PowerSpike supports all types of sponsorships from affiliate, to product, to paid. It’s your influencer program, and it’s completely up to you and the influencer as to what the compensation will be.