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Campaign Summary

The primary goal of the Bose campaign via Powerspike was to drive intent to purchase Bose products at Best Buy’s website and in-store. The secondary goal of the Bose campaign via Powerspike was to help drive awareness and education around the Bose gaming headset. This was achieved by hitting well above the impression goal of 1,889,380.


Create a streamer amplification program leveraging Bose’s brand values to host branded live streams encouraging intent to purchase Bose at Best Buy

  • Powerspike found influential streamers to support the purchase of Bose at Best Buy’s website and stores.
  • Powerspike created Standard Sponsorship Elements for Bose to be integrated in Ludwig’s stream to increase reach and engagement.
  • Powerspike was able to continue engagement through Ludwig’s social media account with consumers posting about their recent Bose purchases.


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