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Drip Report is a Pakistani-American rapper who released his first ever single “Skechers” to massive popular acclaim in Summer 2020. His record label Arista Records wanted to promote the release to young audiences in creative ways so they enlisted the help of Powerspike.


  • DripReport partnered with Powerspike to find influential streamers to support the release of the new song.
  • Powerspike engaged a host of influencers to debut the viral music video for “Skechers” live in-stream, react live and singalong to the insanely catchy hit.
  • Skechers went on to be a breakout success with over 5 billion views in total and was certified “Gold” in the US. Additionally, “Skechers” partnered with the brand Skechers itself to donate a million face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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