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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ for brands
How many requirements do I need to list for my campaign?
Your requirements can be as simple as listing a logo on a streamer’s overlay, or they can be complex and require the streamer to complete many tasks for their sponsorship. Keep in mind: generally the more requirements that you assign a streamer, the greater payment that they will expect.
How does pricing work on PowerSpike?
At PowerSpike, you only get billed for what you need. As your influencer program grows, we grow with you. Pricing is based on the number of influencers in your program, and your feature set. You can see our full pricing breakdown at www.powerspike.tv/prices
What happens if I exceed the number of influencers for my package?
We’ll make a one-time, prorated charge to your credit card to cover the upgrade to your account for the remainder of the current billing period, and upgrade you to the next tiered package.
How do I learn more about a streamer?
In order to learn more about a streamer’s analytics or broadcast, click on their name once they’ve sent a proposal to you. Or, on the other hand, you can navigate over to our ‘Discovery’ page and view a full list of PowerSpike’s streamers, as well as view their stats when you click on their name. Feel free to send them a message if you’re interested in sponsoring them!
Can I message streamers on my own?
Yep! Once you’ve created a campaign, browsing through PowerSpike’s community of streamers on the ‘Discovery’ page will allow you to look at different streamer’s analytics, and request to work/get in contact them by clicking the ‘Hire Me’ button.
Can I negotiate the price of a proposal?
Absolutely! Negotiation is key to every partnership. On the "Partnerships" page, you’ll be able to manage all of your existing sponsorship requests and messages. Clicking on a streamer will direct you to a page where you can directly message them, and changes on the terms for that sponsorship can be made on the right sidebar (including price).
What happens if the streamer doesn’t complete their end of the deal?
If a streamer does not fully complete their requirements for a sponsorship, please contact PowerSpike directly here. PowerSpike will conduct a manual review to determine how much of the sponsorship was successfully completed, and based upon the percentage of the sponsorship completed, both parties will be compensated/refunded accordingly.
Can I terminate a sponsorship with a streamer?
Sponsorship termination is dealt on a case by case basis. If you would like to terminate a partnership with a streamer, please contact PowerSpike directly here. PowerSpike will conduct a manual review to determine how much of the sponsorship was successfully completed before the point of termination, and based upon the percentage of the sponsorship completed, both parties will be compensated/refunded accordingly.
How do I remove/renew my campaign on the Marketplace?
Renewing, or extending a campaign is as simple as editing your campaign by clicking on the pencil icon () next to the campaign selector on your dashboard, and changing the deadline date. To remove a campaign, please contact us. All campaign removals must undergo manual review to ensure that streamers already partnered with your campaign receive payment before your campaign gets removed.
How can I verify that a streamer has completed my sponsorship?
Once a streamer partners into your campaign, you will be able to navigate through that streamer’s sponsored broadcasts on the ‘Content’ page. There you will be able to watch each VOD (past broadcast) and click on any point within a stream session graph to view that exact time segment of the stream. This way, you will easily be able to ensure that a streamer performs a promotional requirement without having to browse through all of the streamers past broadcasts on their twitch profile. If you would like to contact the streamer, head over to the ‘Partnerships’ page. If you find that a streamer is unresponsive and not completing your campaigns requirements, please contact us immediately.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We’re sad to see you go! Remember, if you cancel your PowerSpike subscription, you may lose contact with many of the streamers you’re working with on the platform. To cancel your subscription, navigate to the settings page, click “payments,” navigate to your card, and click “cancel.”
My question isn’t listed here. How can I get in contact?
Feel free to reach out to us here, Twitter or email us at [email protected]
FAQ for streamers
What are the requirements for joining PowerSpike?
To join PowerSpike, all you need is 1000 Twitch followers. Once you’ve hit that milestone, you’re free to use every feature on the site! Having trouble reaching 1000 followers? Click here for more information on growing your channel.
My proposal just got accepted. What’s next?
Congratulations on getting sponsored through PowerSpike! Once your proposal has been accepted, you’re free to carry out the details listed in the brand’s campaign, or through your messages with the brand. Click here for a full guide on how to complete your sponsorship and receive your payment.
Why am I not receiving any data/analytics?
When you first sign up for PowerSpike, you won’t have any analytics in your dashboard, simply because you haven’t yet completed a stream. You might notice that a Twitch user by the name of ‘power_spikebot’ followed you recently. This is our data gathering bot, and once you stream the next time, your stream’s data should appear as normal in your dashboard. Is your dashboard not showing data even after you’ve streamed? Contact ustoday to report the bug and get it fixed in no time.
Why hasn’t a brand responded to me yet?
A lot of users on PowerSpike are applying to the same campaigns you are, and it can be a little overwhelming for a brand to search through their proposals. It might take a bit of time for a brand to respond, and that’s ok! If a brand has left you hanging for a long time, let us know over Twitter or email and we’ll get in contact with the brand to see if they’re interested in sponsoring you.
What happens if I change my twitch name?
A lot of platforms are having trouble with Twitch name changes. However, we’ve got ours under control! You should be able to engage in a name change and use your PowerSpike account like normal. If you’re having trouble accessing PowerSpike after a name change, contact us today and we’ll look into the issues.
How do I receive my payment?
All payments are distributed through PayPal. Please make sure we have your correct PayPal email address by editing your profile information.
Is my payment secured? (or, what happens if the brand doesn’t pay?)
PowerSpike receives all funds necessary for your sponsorship ahead of time, as a brand must deposit the necessary budget at the point of approving you into their campaign. Otherwise, the partnership simply won’t go through. This way, we can guarantee on-time, fair payments via PayPal through a single, trusted source.
Does PowerSpike take a percentage of my earnings?
PowerSpike charges a 15% commission fee on sponsorships provided through the marketplace. PowerSpike does this because commission fees support the platform and enable us to operate as a business. Commission fees are taken directly from payouts. As we evolve through our beta, we’re creating new ways for streamers to earn more from each sponsorship, and to provide more value to you the streamer through the platform. Keep an eye on our Medium blog for new announcements coming soon this summer!
Do I have to give up any channel rights?
On PowerSpike, you do not give up any of your channel rights when getting sponsored. On top of this, there are zero contracts that need to be signed. You are in complete control!
What happens if I want to terminate my sponsorship?
If you wish to terminate your sponsorship before you have completed it, most likely a portion of your payment will be refunded to the brand if you have already begun the sponsorship. If you want to cancel your accepted proposal before starting the sponsorship, the full payment will be refunded to the brand. If you’ve already started and wish to cancel, contact us so we can sort out the details of payment refunds.
How do I handle taxes for my sponsorship?
If you exceed $600 of earnings on the platform, PowerSpike will issue you a 1099 to be completed for further compensation. This can be completed directly through PowerSpike
My question isn’t listed here. How can I get in contact?
Feel free to reach out to us here, Twitter or email us at [email protected]