Influencer Database

We host over 70,000 influencers ready to make your campaign a success!

Dedicated Account Manager

Full influencer operations team managing your campaigns

No Negotiation

Sponsorship payouts are fixed and always optimised for your budget

‘Fit’ Score

Match with perfect influencers based on select criteria

Simple Communication

We handle communication between brands and influencers

Asset Distribution

Easy brand asset distribution between influencers and brands

Automated Monitoring

No need to painstakingly scroll through hours of livestream content

Creative Direction

Tailored suggestions to drive the perfect results for your objective

Full-Blown Reporting

ROI analysis, metrics, and insights from future and past campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to our billing system rules, you'll automatically be charged on your credit card anywhere from once a day to a maximum of every month. How frequently you're charged depends on how quickly your campaigns hit your payment threshold.
Powerspike leverages data and insights to optimize your budget across the influencers who can drive the best results for your brand. Influencers are priced based on reach and estimated results. You’ll receive a results estimate when you create your campaign based on the size of your budget.
Powerspike leverages the latest in artificial intelligence to vet recommended influencers for brand safety and ensure campaign fit. Recommended Influencers are also vetted directly by your account executive before being sent to you for approval.
Powerspike tracks Impressions, Live Impressions, Clicks, Viewer Hours, Audience Interests, and Conversions. To set up conversion tracking, visit your campaign and click on the “Tracking Links” tab.

Your Customers Watch Twitch! Jump in with Powerspike.

Powerspike is not just another marketing platform – it’s a full service solution to help brands build effective Twitch influencer marketing campaigns. Boost brand awareness, drive sales, create authentic content with Twitch influencers and engage with real viewers – all in one shop.

Connect with Powerspike to:

✓ Develop creative & impactful campaigns on the marketplace

✓ Work with Twitch influencers for your brand from our database of 70,000+ live streamers

✓ Create authentic branded content viewers will want to engage with

✓ Break into the wildly popular world of video games and Twitch live streaming

If You Are A Streamer

Hold Tight!

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