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Funimation came to Powerspike to help build awareness and credibility with anime lovers on Twitch. The secondary goal of the Funimation campaign via Powerspike was to help drive sign-ups for access to Funimation’s huge library of anime content.


  • Powerspike highlighted 3 creators with an affinity for anime on Twitch to become brand ambassadors for Funimation.
  • Powerspike created unique links to track the clicks of each Twitch creator providing valuable insight into the generation of sign-ups and sales across every brand touchpoint with the audience.


  • The campaign was very successful: delivering impressions 36% over the projected goal and a 12% ER on live stream content.
  • Funimation saw a CPM under $15 driven by Powerspike’s unique approach to this campaign, roughly 30% below industry average. 


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