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Find and Collaborate With
Twitch Influencers To Drive Game Sales
Our tools connect you with thousands of professional streamers to spread your game
across the gaming community. No marketing knowledge required.
IntroducingInfluencer marketing. Transformed.
Discover and sponsor qualified influencers on a budget.
Promoting your game doesn’t have to be expensive.

With PowerSpike, you can create sponsorship campaigns tailored to your budget, no matter how large or small. You can then hire the best streamers for your campaign straight through the platform.
Communicate and collaborate at scale.
Blindly sending game keys is a recipe for failure.

PowerSpike allows you to build and manage hundreds of influencer relationships at once to ensure your promotions run smoothly and safely. No more wondering if your game will be promoted.
Track and optimize your results.
  1. Know exactly where and when sponsored content occured
  2. See how many people viewed your promotions
  3. Track link clicks along with their location
  4. A/B test for future campaigns
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