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Before Powerspike, finding sponsorships was an unpredictable, frustrating process. With Powerspike, you can connect with brands who are actively looking to sponsor you — all in one click! Say goodbye to frustration and hello to simplicity!
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  • Publicly display your metrics to impress potential sponsors
  • Track your growth in average concurrency, time watched, and followers over time
  • View the results you’ve driven for your sponsorship
  • Become more attractive to sponsors over time
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With Powerspike, you don’t have to worry about when or if you receive payment for your work. We offer a 100% payment guarantee for completed content. You create. Get paid. Done.

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There are many advantages to joining the Powerspike family! Not convinced? Check out some of our awesome features below:


Find sponsorships perfect for your stream.

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No more contracts! Get accepted, create your content and get paid.

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Submit sponsored streams using the Powerspike Content Extension.

100% Safe Payments

Stop worrying about if you’ll get paid. We guarantee payment for completed content.

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Your dedicated manager will help you through the process and answer questions every step of the way.


Join our rapidly growing database of 70,000 streamers and connect with us!

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We ❤️ our influencers and they love us! Hear what they have to say about using Powerspike.

The whole process is so simple, it took less than a few minutes to create an account and apply for my first campaign!”
My channel can definitely use some more sponsorships, but it has been a struggle, especially since it’s just me doing it. With Powerspike, I was able to get more sponsorships that I could do on my own, and it allowed me to focus more on my stream, while making my life simpler.”
The main challenge that I’ve faced finding sponsorships has been my appeal to potential sponsors. I landed a sponsorship with Feeding Children Anywhere through Powerspike. Now I have an opportunity to do some good, while playing video games.”
My interaction with Powerspike was very great, it afforded us many opportunities myself, as well as the team members I brought in. PowerSpike offered me that opportunity to get there, to start rubbing elbows with sponsors, and getting contacts in the industry, it’s amazing!”
Full time streaming can be difficult to maintain because income can often be unpredictable. Sponsorship deals with brands can sometimes make all the difference! Powerspike makes connecting with brands who are ready to sponsor streamers easy and painless. I recommend it to all content creators looking to diversify their income.”
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At every turn Powerspike has provided me with some wonderful streaming and gaming opportunities for me to share with my streaming audience. I look forward to working with them hopefully many more times in the future and highly recommend other streamers/content creators jump on board for their own Powerspike opportunity.”
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Browse our available sponsorships and get hired in no time.

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