PowerSpike Match
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Launch a Twitch influencer
marketing program in 4 minutes or less
Match pairs you with the perfect streamers for your brand, goals, and budget so you can reach a massive, engaged audience of gamers without the extra legwork.
Influencer marketing as a channel
Match handles every step of the influencer marketing process -- from hiring, to communicating, to delivering resources, and more -- so you can scale your campaigns without the extra effort.

Simply tell Match what you want and get results. Seriously, that’s it.
Measureable and deeply targetable metrics
Calculating ROI with traditional influencer marketing is nearly impossible.

With Match and the PowerSpike Pixel, you can easily track clicks, conversions, and more. Influencer marketing is no longer a tactic. It’s a legitimate marketing channel.
  1. Measure conversions and ROI
  2. Track link clicks along with their location
  3. Verify when and where sponsored content occurred in seconds
  4. A/B test for future campaigns
Keep your campaign in trusted hands.
When you create a Match campaign, you’ll receive a dedicated campaign manager who’s there to ensure your campaign’s success in tandem with Match’s technology.

Your campaign manager is available to help you through every step of your campaign.
Pay for successful content. Nothing less.
Match’s payment system kills two birds with one stone.

If you’re satisfied with an influencer’s sponsored content, you can click one button to send their payment. You save time and keep your influencers happy (without any confusing payment schedules.)
Here is how match works
Step 1
Create your campaign
Tell us your budget, goals, requirements, and desired targeting options. The experience is structured like making a media buy.
Step 2
Your bid is sent
Once a campaign has been created, our algorithms identify the best influencers for your brand and send offers to the best ones you’ve approved. No more endless streamer searches.
Step 3
Bid is filled and promotion begins

When selected streamers accept your offer, Match provides them with clear instructions on how to complete your campaign and submit sponsored content and they begin promoting your brand.

Step 4
Measure ROI
Measure the results that matter to you most -- clicks, conversions, and more -- all in real time. Powerful reporting tools and A/B testing materials for influencer marketing are finally at your fingertips.
See how Match can transform your Twitch influencer marketing program