Powerspike for Music Brands


Smarter Marketing Starts With Powerspike

Powerspike is not just a marketing platform – it’s the smarter marketing platform. Powerspike connects you to influencers and helps you manage and drive campaigns with ease. Boost brand awareness, increase sales, create authentic content with influencers, all in one easy to manage place.

Publish creative and impactful campaigns on our marketplace, measure your campaign’s success with our powerful analytics tools, and save time. With Powerspike, you can reach more viewers by hiring influencers at scale. We have your back.

How Powerspike Can Drive Your Campaigns

We make campaign creation easy as A-B-C

Finding Influencers Just Got Easier

Is your brand staying on the pulse of music? Do you want to find influencers that breathe and live finding the latest music before it breaks? Match with influencers perfect for your brand to drive the results you need.

Powerspike + You = a winning duet.

Powerspike simplifies every step of the influencer marketing process — from sourcing influencers best fit for your brand to managing those relationships (and more!) — so you can scale your campaigns without the extra effort.

Tell us what you want and we deliver. Seriously, it’s that easy.

1 Click Marketing

Before Powerspike, finding influencers and keeping track of data was a time consuming, frustrating process. With Powerspike, you will connect with influencers who are perfect for your brand, and track analytics — all in one click! Say goodbye to frustration and hello to simplicity!

Measurable Results For Your Brand

Drive awareness and measure the results — clicks, conversions, impressions, earned media value and more — with our powerful reporting tools at your fingertips.

How Music Brands Use Powerspike

Brand Awareness

Have an up-and-coming product you want to promote? Passionate about a piece of tech that has seemingly gone under the radar? Drive brand awareness by matching up with our unique tech influencers that engage their audience through reviews, demos, and shout-outs to create a buzz around your product.

Authentic Content

Need authentic content but don’t have the time to create it? Let our large database of gaming influencers help you with authentic content creation.

Drive Sales

Through shout-outs and demos, to affiliate links and banner ads – Powerspike drives sales for your brand. Our rapidly growing database of influencers reach audiences interested in tech content. Don’t get left behind – join our group and level up your campaigns!

Your Customers Watch Twitch! Jump in with Powerspike.

Powerspike is not just another marketing platform – it’s a full service solution to help brands build effective Twitch influencer marketing campaigns. Boost brand awareness, drive sales, create authentic content with Twitch influencers and engage with real viewers – all in one shop.

Connect with Powerspike to:

✓ Develop creative & impactful campaigns on the marketplace

✓ Work with Twitch influencers for your brand from our database of 70,000+ live streamers

✓ Create authentic branded content viewers will want to engage with

✓ Break into the wildly popular world of video games and Twitch live streaming

If You Are A Streamer

Hold Tight!

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