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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I try PowerSpike for free?
You can try any PowerSpike product free for 45 days. You can buy, upgrade or cancel at any time.
What is Growth and Pro?
Growth and Pro subscriptions include additional features not available in Essential. You can upgrade to or downgrade from Growth and Pro subscriptions at any time.
What are Influencers in regard to pricing?
An influencer is any creator that has been added to your influencer program. Pricing is tiered based upon the number of influencers you’re currently working with.
When does an influencer count as being a part of my program?
Influencers count as being a part of your program when they have been successfully accepted into your campaign.
How does upgrading influencer tiers work?
If you ever want to upgrade number of influencers you’re working with, you can always add additional influencers to your campaign, and you will be charged on a pro-rata basis.
What types of sponsorship campaigns does PowerSpike support?
PowerSpike supports all types of sponsorships from affiliate, to product, to paid. It’s your influencer program, and it’s completely up to you and the influencer as to what the compensation will be.