Our Team @ PowerSpike
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Our Team
We created PowerSpike with one goal in mind – build amazing tools which help streamers do what they love, full time. We’re a small team of passionate gamers, streamers, and creators who are working towards building a better solution for sponsorships in the esports ecosystem.

We believe that finding paid sponsorships on Twitch is a difficult, if not overly complicated process. Before setting out on our journey, we saw everything from streamers not getting paid to amazing creators going broke. As streamers ourselves, we got fed up with how difficult, and often sketchy the sponsorships process was; so we decided to create a solution ourselves. Today, we’ve built the best sponsorships marketplace in the livestreaming space, and we’re working on other amazing tools in the background to help livestreamers of all sizes and platforms monetize their audiences.
AJ "Desecration" Damiano
As a former shoutcaster for ESL and other major community esports organizations, AJ has over 5+ years of experience in the gaming & esports industries as both a content creator and Twitch Streamer.
Michael "Bloodz" Paris
Former YouTuber and Twitch Streamer with 5+ years in the gaming & esports industries.
Eric Rice
Full-stack developer fluent in CSS, PhP, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++, Python, Java, & HTML
Daniil "MrDanSLite" Sedov
Graphics Designer, VFX Designer, Artist, Kappa Enthusiast. Daniil finds no barrier to executing all of his creative ideas. Daniil is dedicated to maintaining the high standard PowerSpike aims to achieve.
Aaron "Oasyus" Marsden
Growth Hacker
Social Media Marketing and Growth.
James "RansomSmash3" Ransom
Business Development
James previously worked as an Analyst for Armory Square ventures, eventually moving on to Justworks as a Sales Development Representative. James brings a passion to develop communities after creating Walnut Street Parters, a student run accelerator, at Syracuse University.
Our Advisors
Ed Chang
Director, Business Strategy - EA
Tyler Schrodt
CEO, Founder at Electronic Gaming Federation.
Mike Gursha
CEO at Rookie Road, Inc.
Brian Corrigan
Managing Partner, MadGlory; Former CTO MLG
Sean Branagan
Instigator, Entrepreneur, Educator, Startup Coach & Founder